The 2010 political money race and the wild cards from the courts

The Post has a snapshot of the political money race for 2010 and mentions recent court decisions.

One wild card is the impact of last year’s Supreme Court decision lifting limits on direct expenditures by corporations or unions on advertising supporting particular candidates. Some Democrats are concerned that corporations might open their checkbooks for their favorites, but an internal Republican fundraising presentation for party leaders in February predicted “NO direct effect on . . . parties or candidates.”

Likewise, spending this year by regulated advocacy groups, known as 527s, is hard to predict, particularly since a federal court said on March 26 that such groups can now accept unlimited contributions by wealthy individuals. So far, both collections and expenditures by Democratic or liberal-leaning groups have outpaced those by Republican or conservative groups, although a historically large Democratic advantage appears to have narrowed somewhat, according to data from the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics.

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