The ethics, campaign finance, and related remains of the day (with a UK report)

Drudge is linking to a story about Nick Clegg’s alleged receipt of party funds directly into his personal account.

I’ve added a few of my photos from Politics Online 2010 here.

A whole subcommittee was created to investigate issues related to former Rep. Massa.  The House Ethics Committee’s press release is here.

The timing of fundraising relative to legislative debate is the topic of this RealClearPolitics report and other reports floating around the web.  A Hill report is here.

One Senator is apparently canceling a Goldman Sachs event.  A number of stories are noting President Obama’s acceptance of Goldman employees’ contributiions.

Who’s the mysterious second Republican to support the Schumer-Van Hollen-Castle legislative response to Citizens United?

ClickZ’s got the scoop on Republicans “outgunning” the Democrats online.

Pressure is being ratcheded-up on the earmark ban issue.

The EPA’s blog (Greenversations) is under fire for a post from an intern about her choice not to eat meat.  Notwithstanding the substantive merits of the issue (I heart bacon cheeseburgers), I’m 100% with Greenversations on this one.  The American Farm Bureau Federation’s concerns could easily be shared on the group’s own blog and the occasion could be employed to spark a useful debate about the issue.

Did government transparency take a hit yesterday when reporters were moved away from a Lafayette Park protest?  Politico reports.

That’s all I have for now, good night.

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