“What will Crist donors do?”

That’s what a Politico headline asks.

If Charlie Crist follows through on plans to abandon the Republican Party Thursday evening, the next most important issue on his political agenda is what to do about his Senate campaign donors.

A host of GOP donors is already preparing to urge the Florida governor to return their donations if he decides to pursue an independent bid, hoping to claw back tens of thousands of dollars in cash donated to Crist over the past year.

In 2009, after Sen. Specter switched parties, the Federal Election Commission approved an advisory opinion, stating, “Club for Growth and Club for Growth PAC may use contributor information contained in reports filed with the Commission to notify contributors to Senator Arlen Specter’s 2010 Senate re-election campaign that Senator Specter has switched his party affiliation, and has publicly offered to refund contributions upon request.”  (The law has a “sale and use ban” on FEC contributor information at 2 USC 438(a)(4).) I haven’t heard that Gov. Crist has made any public announcement about the funds in his campaign account.

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