Forget LeBron; who’s going where in the campaign finance and lobbying world?

LeBron, LeBron, LeBron.  What about some big moves in the campaign finance law and lobbying spaces?

Clark Hill PLC picked-up Charlie Spies and the firm’s press release is here.  Spies has a distinguished background in campaign finance and politics, having worked for Romney for President, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican National Committee, the Federal Election Commission, and two Washington law firms.

Aristotle picked-up former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission David Mason.  Aristotle’s press release is here.

Today came word that Patton Boggs acquired the Breaux Lott Leadership Group.  It’s a homecoming for Senator Breaux, who left Patton Boggs to form the bipartisan lobbying firm a few years ago.  The firm’s release is here.

(I worked as a new lawyer for Dave Mason during his term as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Federal Election Commission (during the Commission’s work implementing the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002).  Next, I worked for Charlie Spies at the Republican National Committee in 2004 when he served as Election Law Counsel.  After that?  I spent a few years at Patton Boggs.)

UPDATE:  7/2/10:  The Hill covers the Patton Boggs story here.

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