Facebook speaks to Google’s request

Politico’s Morning Tech notes that Facebook will apparently file comments on an advisory request pending before the Federal Election Commission.  The request came from Google and involves its AdWords program.

But Facebook and Google do break on one key point: Facebook disagrees with Google’s claim that simply showing a “destination URL” to the ad buyer’s site could convey enough information to be considered an alternative disclosure requirement. According to Facebook’s filing, “[A] variety of organizations use URLs that do not include the name of the entity, nor is it readily apparent” who the sponsor is. Examples in Facebook’s filing include “carlyisdreamin.com” – a site that seems to be for GOPer Carly Fiorina, but is instead run by the DSCC. (Facebook does, however, believe the ads should link to sites with full disclosure statements.)

More on Advisory Opinion Request 2010-19 is available at the FEC’s website.

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