Today’s Political Activity Law Morning Report for Thursday, Nov. 18

Good morning!  What’s in political law news today?

Tech panel proposal for Federal Election Commission

Politico’s Morning Tech notes a proposal from Aristotle and former Commissioner David Mason for the Federal Election Commission to establish a Technology Advisory Panel.  (Scroll down to “Campaign Bytes.”)

The end of an era at the Federal Election Commission

The FEC celebrated the distinguished career of FEC Office of the General Counsel policy attorney Jonny Levin yesterday, who’s retiring.  Former commissioners were in abundance.  Attendees included Danny Lee McDonald, Scott Thomas, Karl Sandstrom, and Robert Lenhard.  The current members also attended or spoke.  Some of the agency’s former top lawyers, Lawrence Noble and Lois Lerner, among others, were there.  Mr. Levin is retiring after over thirty years of dedicated service.

The wrath of the Tea Party on congressional ethics?

The Hill reports on a tea party group’s interest in the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The Ohio Liberty Council, the main umbrella organization for 58 Tea Party groups in the state, supports efforts to strengthen the OCE and is warning House GOP leaders that any attempt to weaken it will upset Tea Party activists.

White House Blog post hits Chamber payment

White House Assistant to the President for Special Projects Stephanie Cutter blogs about insurance company payments to the Chamber hereThe Post reports on the $86 million here.

DeLay defense

The Austin American-Statesman reports.

Up for crab cakes tomorrow?

The Maryland AG formed a campaign finance group and they’re meeting tomorrow.  More news here.

The remainders

Thanks for reading.  Three posts from last night appear below if you’re interested.

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