Huge House Ethics report on fundraising timing and more in this morning’s AM political law news

HOUSE ETHICS REPORT ON REPS. CROWLEY, PRICE, AND CAMPBELL. A House Ethics Committee statement and the report are available hereThe Hill reports:  “The panel ran up against a Jan. 30 deadline and decided to take no further action. Instead, it published a final Ethic[s] Committee staff report that found that each lawmaker’s fundraising ‘raised no appearances of impropriety,’ according to the committee’s final report in the matter.”  Roll Call’s story is hereThe Times has a story here.  A lot of folks will need to take a deep dive into the House Ethics report to see what picture it paints for DC’s fundraising landscape.

REP. ISSA ON “LOBBYING PERFECTION.” In the Hill. “‘I think he feigns perfection without having yet achieved it,’ Issa told The Hill. ‘I do think when the president still has his people traipsing across the street to the coffee shop so they didn’t technically meet at the White House, quite frankly he has more to do.'”  More on Oversight’s plans in the Times.

ANTI-PUBLIC FUNDING, ANTI-TEA? Eggen explains in the Post’s report on yesterday’s House vote to terminate public financing for presidential campaigns.  “The irony is that the bill’s most immediate effect would be felt by Republicans – including those connected to the tea party movement – who might find it difficult to mount a credible primary run without public funding.”  Salant’s story on yesterday’s vote is here.

SHARPEN THE SAW. Interested in sharpening the saw for the new year and refreshing your political law credentials?  Here are some events coming up in the next few weeks.  On Feb. 8, 2011, is presenting a 90 minute audioconference addressing campaign finance rules and regulations for 2011.  Details here.  Womble Carlyle’s presenting a webinar on political contributions, lobbying, and gifts on Feb. 17, 2011.  More information is available here (see 1/19/11 post).  March is a long way away, but the Federal Election Commission is presenting a seminar on campaign finance law for party committees and more information can be found here.

PRECLEAR THOSE THIN MINTS. From the Salt Lake Trib. “Maybe it’s a sign of how cautious state senators are with new ethics rules passed last year: They hesitated just a bit to accept free Girl Scout cookies on Wednesday until an announcement was made.”


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