Edwards emails, Weiner tweets, ethics news, and more political law links for today

WHAT THE EDWARDS EMAILS WILL SHOW. The Post. “Prosecutors have obtained emails between John Edwards and a former aide to use as evidence at trial that he knew about payments to his pregnant mistress even while he was publicly denying it, people familiar with the case told The Associated Press on Monday.”

MOST EXPENSIVE ELECTION EVER? Rolling Stone. “The 2012 elections are shaping up to be the priciest in history, with the political parties and ostensibly independent ‘outside groups’ gearing up to spend many hundreds of millions of dollars, most of it on political advertising, much of it from donors whose identities will never be known.”

HOUSE VOTE TO TERMINATE THE EAC SOON? Track the progress of H.R. 672 here.

WEINER DEVELOPMENTS. Roll Call. The Hill. Politico.  Rep. Pelosi called for an ethics investigation, according to this report.  “The calls by Pelosi and Israel for an ethics investigation dramatically raise the political stakes for Weiner. While he stated repeatedly during an emotional press conference on Monday that he had broken no laws nor violated House ethics rules during his interaction with the women, a probe by the House Ethics Committee could find differently.”

TIMELY INTRODUCTION TO LEGISLATOR TWEETING. E.politics.  “In order to effectively communicate with their constituents and future voters, [legislators] need to engage them using the channels and language that make them comfortable. Twenty years ago, that meant going to mud sales and diners and churches. Today, that means live video and tele-townhalls, Twitter streams and Facebook walls.”

CONGRESSIONAL TRAVEL WITHOUT PRINCIPALS. Roll Call. “In mid-December, 14 staffers with the House Homeland Security Committee went on an eight-day trip to Turkey, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates that cost taxpayers more than $150,000. It was an official delegation, but no Members of Congress made the trip.”

FOREIGN GOVERNMENT LOBBYING. The Hill. “Several Democratic firms have aggressively moved into the business of lobbying for foreign governments since the election of President Obama.”

FEDERAL OFFICEHOLDER AND CANDIDATE SOLICITATIONS FOR SUPER PACS. Democracy21 weighs-in on a recent advisory opinion request (choose AO 2011-12 under “Pending Advisory Opinion Requests”) here.

NEW ADVISORY OPINION REQUEST INVOLVING MOBILE DEVICES. The DSCC filed a new advisory opinion request and it’s online here (choose AO 2011-13 under “Pending Advisory Opinion Requests”).

THE DEAL ON NY ETHICS. Gov. Cuomo announced a new package.  Story here.  “Under a tentative agreement between Cuomo and legislative leaders, lawmakers would be required to disclose the sources of all outside income, as well as the names of clients who have business before the state.”  The Times opines here.

DC COUNCIL MEMBER ACCUSED OF GRAFT. The Post. “D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. intentionally diverted more than $300,000 in public funds intended for youth baseball programs and spent it on a luxury sport-utility vehicle and personal travel, Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said Monday.”

BROWN TESTIFIES ON DC MAYORAL RUN. The Post. “At one point, with the audience bursting into laughter and council members absorbing one insult after another, Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), no stranger to unusual legal proceedings, said, ‘I’ve never been in a hearing like this before.'”


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