Political law links for Friday

SOLYNDRA WARNING SIGNS.  The Times.  “[B]ehind the pomp and pageantry, Solyndra was rotting inside, hemorrhaging cash so quickly that within weeks of Mr. Obama’s visit, the company canceled plans to offer shares to the public. Barely a year later, Solyndra has become one of the administration’s most costly fumbles after the company declared bankruptcy, laid off 1,100 workers and was raided by F.B.I. agents seeking evidence of possible fraud.”

MORE ON DURKEE.  Story here.  “Democratic politicians in California are facing huge challenges as they work to rebuild depleted campaign accounts ahead of next year’s election after a trusted campaign treasurer was accused of looting dozens of political war chests across the state.”

INTERNET RULEMAKING. The Federal Election Commission met yesterday, but didn’t consider the internet disclaimer document listed on the meeting agenda.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS DISINTEGRATING. George Will discusses recall financing rules here. “What is, therefore, highly unreasonable — and unconstitutional — is the regime of restrictions on raising and spending money on recall campaigns.”

PIPELINE LOBBYING IN THE NEWS. The Post. “More than two dozen State Department e-mails obtained by the advocacy group Friends of the Earth under a Freedom of Information Act request provide an unusual glimpse into the lobbying for the Keystone permit, which has become a battleground in the national debate over how to address climate change.”

MILPITAS REFORMS. Story here. “Should Milpitas limit campaign donations, reign in certain expenditures, and require more disclosures in time for the November 2012 and future local elections?”


FINED IN PHILADELPHIA.  Story here.  “The City Board of Ethics yesterday announced fines imposed on six candidates and three political committees for campaign-finance-law violations.”

LOBBYIST TRAINING FOR EX-GOV.  Story here.  “Riley has registered to begin a new career as a lobbyist and he went through mandatory ethics training for lobbyists Thursday in Montgomery.”


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