Monday’s political law links for Oct. 31st

CANTOR’S FUNDRAISING.  Roll Call.  “Cantor has leveraged about a dozen interlocking campaign committees to run a quasi-party operation around the conservative Young Guns movement he launched with Reps. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Paul Ryan (Wis.). A former Cantor aide, John Murray, is now launching an independent organization built around an unrestricted super PAC and two nonprofits to spread the Young Guns message.”

HOUSE ADMIN HEARING ON FEC.  The Committee on House Administration’s Subcommittee on Elections has scheduled a hearing on the Federal Election Commission for November 3, 2011 at 10 a.m.

CAIN EXPENSES.  Story here.   “Herman Cain’s two top campaign aides ran a private Wisconsin-based corporation that helped the GOP presidential candidate get his fledgling campaign off the ground by originally footing the bill for tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for such items as iPads, chartered flights and travel to Iowa and Las Vegas – something that might breach federal tax and campaign law, according to sources and documents.”

HATCH REWRITE?  Politico.  “The head of the federal agency charged with enforcing the Hatch Act argues that the 72-year-old law needs to be overhauled because it is preventing qualified candidates from running for office.”

JACKSON AND OBAMA SEAT PROBE.  The Post.  “U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is predicting he’ll be ‘vindicated’ by an ethics investigation into whether he or someone on his behalf offered to raise funds for ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in return for an appointment to President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat.”

OUTSIDE GROUP COVERAGE FROM THE TIMES.  Here.  “At a time when the Republican National Committee remains weighed down by debt, outside conservative groups, freed from contribution limits by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision last year, are playing an ever larger role and operating in an increasingly coordinated fashion.”


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