Political law links for Mon., Jan. 30, 2012


IE UNITS POWER UP.  Roll Call.  “Senate campaign committees tapped two familiar hands to lead their independent expenditures this cycle — a high-stakes gig that controls tens of millions of dollars in spending for 2012 races.”

SUPER PAC DOCUMENTATION ISSUE. Story here. “The pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC ‘Winning Our Future’ claims that, as of Thursday, ‘at least six’ stations in Florida have told the group they need more documentation to run their ads.”

OBAMA ADDRESS MENTIONS BUNDLING. The transcript for President Obama’s weekly address is online here. “The House and Senate should send me a bill that bans insider trading by Members of Congress, and I will sign it immediately. They should limit any elected official from owning stocks in industries they impact. And they should make sure people who bundle campaign contributions for Congress can’t lobby Congress, and vice versa.”

AD DRAWS LETTER. The Post. “NBC asked GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Saturday to pull a campaign advertisement made up almost entirely of a 1997 ‘Nightly News’ report on Newt Gingrich’s ethics committee reprimand.”

ALLEGATIONS IN NY. The Times. There are allegations that a “campaign would find a way to accept donations that were over the legal limit…”  More here.

REFUNDS TO LOBBYISTS. Story here. “The Obama campaign will refund donations from five registered lobbyists that were discovered by a campaign-finance watchdog.”

NEWS OF MOVES. Adam Ambrogi is the new Chief Counsel at Senate Rules (h/t Jason Abel).

R TO FACEBOOK. Story here. “In preparation for the fall elections, the company announced today that George Alafoginis will join its election 2012 team. Alafoginis is the former deputy director for online strategy and technology deployment at the Republican National Committee.”

LOBBYIST’S OFFICE SEARCHED. Story here. “Authorities have searched the offices of a former Fiesta Bowl lobbyist suspected of involvement in an illegal campaign contribution scheme.”

LOBBYIST CONTRACTS ENDED. The Times. “Lobbyists for the Egyptian government in Washington have ended their contracts with the country because of growing tensions after a raid by Egyptian authorities on several American nonprofit organizations.”

THE FUTURE OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. An interview with Fred Wertheimer appears online here.

TWITTER ON THE TRAIL. The Times. “If the 2008 presidential race embraced a 24/7 news cycle, four years later politicos are finding themselves in the middle of an election most starkly defined by Twitter, complete with 24-second news cycles and pithy bursts.”

TARGETING VOTERS.  Story here.  “Campaigns and ‘super PACs’ can single out potential voters with a high degree of specificity thanks to reams of research about the political affiliations, voting habits and even charitable donations of television viewers.”

LOBBYING AND SEMANTICS.  The LA Times.  “There are hundreds — maybe thousands, no one keeps count — of Gingrich-type non-lobbyist consultants in Sacramento. Many, like Gingrich, have learned the legislating ropes, developed relationships and earned redeemable chits in the legislative or executive branches.”

TN:  EASING LOBBYIST LIMITS?  Story here.  “Republican Rep. Philip Johnson of Pegram introduced the bill, which would allow employers of lobbyists to host receptions for standing committees in either chamber. Current law bans receptions, where food and alcohol often are served, unless all 132 state lawmakers are invited.”

FOURTH ANNIVERSARY. Thanks for four years of fun and let’s keep it going! I’ve had a great time maintaining the site and I’ve enjoyed meeting and emailing with so many readers over the years. Thanks for your support and making my links a part of your day.


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