Good morning, here are political law links for Wed., March 7

IRS AND NONPROFITS.  The Times.  “The agency plans this year to press existing nonprofits like American Crossroads, on the Republican side, and Priorities USA, on the Democratic side, to justify their tax-protected status as ‘social welfare’ organizations, a status that many tax professionals believe is being badly abused.”

FUNDRAISING TARGETING.  E.politics discusses.  “For instance, a campaign might send out a cluster of different appeals all at once, with different people getting different content based on which appeals or actions they’d responed to in the past. Or, the campaign test how different segments of their list respond to different messaging or different amounts. A common trick: to tie the ask to someone’s previous donation amount, always asking for a little more than the last time.”

SUPER PACS AND TRADE ASSOCIATIONS.  The Hill.  “Several heavy-hitting trade groups that have millions of dollars in their political action committees (PACs) have armed themselves with super-PACs ahead of the 2012 election.”

TRIBES AND ABRAMOFF.  Story here.  “Native American tribes are questioning the ethics of government watchdog groups that have partnered with Jack Abramoff since his release from prison.”

SUPER PACS AND THE WEIRD.  Politico.  ” Call it ‘campaign finance weirding.’ This has been ignited by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which sparked the development of super PACs.”

PRES. OBAMA AND K ST.  Milbank.  “Three years into his presidency, Barack Obama has finally overcome his pesky, puritanical aversion to K Street.”

SUPER PAC IN H RACE.  Story here.  “The campaigns of two prominent Republicans in a central North Carolina congressional race tangled Monday over a type of political committee that’s been highlighted more frequently in this year’s presidential race.”

CU ON THE AGENDA.  Today at the Federal Election Commission.

STATE OF CA LOBBYING.  Story here.  “California businesses, labor unions and other interests paid a record $287 million on lobbyists last year to sway lawmakers on decisions for spending taxpayer money and favorable legislation, a newspaper reported.”

PRISON IN CAMPAIGN FINANCE CASE.  Story here.  “A Delaware liquor industry executive who pleaded guilty in an illegal campaign finance scheme involving candidates for state and federal office was sentenced Tuesday to two years in federal prison.”

SETTLEMENT IN CA CASE.  Story here.  “The commission says Schwarzenegger violated state campaign laws by spending $1.1 million from a ballot measure campaign to advocate for his position on the state budget. The panel will consider the settlement at its March 15 meeting.”


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