The Edwards trial news and other political law links for Tues., 4/24

EDWARDS TRIAL UPDATES. The News Observer should have thorough coverage of the Edwards trial (h/t @GoberHilgers).

WAL-MART AND THE FCPA. The FCPA Professor has thoughts on Wal-Mart’s FCPA issues here.

SEC RULES AND FEDERAL FUNDRAISING. WSJ.  “A new effort by Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign to substantially increase the amount of money wealthy backers can give has hit a hurdle: new Securities and Exchange Commission rules that are making some Wall Street donors skittish about writing checks.”

TARIFF BREAKS. A tariff bill is prompting earmark talk. Story here.

BARBOUR LOBBYING.  The Hill.  “Back on K Street after nearly a decade-long absence, Haley Barbour is lobbying for an online sales tax he championed as Mississippi governor.”

GROUPS SPENDING.  The Times.  “The conservative groups that helped Republicans win the House in 2010 are pouring money this year into an aggressive campaign to capture the Senate, a goal that they consider just as vital as winning the White House.”

SUPER PAC DISCLOSURE.  The Post.  “The federal rulings upheld longstanding disclosure requirements, and super PACs that receive that cash still file periodic reports with the Federal Election Commission. But regulations require only basic information about a company be reported…”

MO MATTER. Story here. “Former Missouri Gov. Roger Wilson told the state Ethics Commission last week that he wanted to report the origins of campaign contributions that landed him in legal trouble but was asked by federal authorities not to contact state officials.”


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