Good morning, here are Friday’s political law links (5/25/12)

DOJ ATTORNEYS AND THE STEVENS CASE.  Roll Call.  “Two Justice Department prosecutors who engaged in ‘reckless professional misconduct’ that derailed the prosecution of the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) will be suspended without pay, a disciplinary unit within the agency announced this week.”  ADN has coverage here:  “The 600-page report by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, made public Thursday, said the two prosecutors ‘engaged in professional misconduct by acting in reckless disregard,’ by not disclosing evidence that would have helped Stevens’ defense. But the report concluded that the misconduct was not intentional.”

TRUMP SUPER PAC?  Story here.  “Billionaire businessman Donald Trump tells Newsmax he is seriously considering launching his own super PAC to produce anti-Obama ads showing how Washington is allowing outsiders to ‘absolutely suck the blood out of this country.'”

RAPID FIRE SUPER PACS.  Story here.  “Millions of dollars in political ads are flooding Florida TV, including two spots Wednesday by President Barack Obama’s campaign and an anti-Obama ad from a super PAC, the new breed of political action committee powered by unrestricted donations.”

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE FEC YESTERDAY.  The agency’s press release is here.

EDWARDS UPDATE.  The Times.  “After five days, the jurors in the federal corruption case against former Senator John Edwards continue to grapple with the six charges against him.”

CAIN INC.  Politico.  “Now, the Atlanta businessman is applying the same relentless promotional skills he displayed on the campaign trail to building a sprawling political-business machine to rebuild his tarnished brand and keep his voice — and his trademark 9-9-9 tax plan — in the national conversation.”

SUPER PAC CREATED.  Story here.  “The college senior spent $1.3 million of his own money to create the Liberty for All Super PAC, which backs candidates who endorse what Ramsey calls ‘freedom philosophy.'”

WV CHALLENGE.  Story here.  “A political group formed to aid West Virginia incumbents this November won a partial victory Thursday after suing over the state’s limits on campaign contributions and a policy addressing corporate spending.”

LOBBYIST ISSUES IN MURDOCH CASE.  Story here.  “News Corp. lobbyist Frédéric Michel told the Leveson Inquiry into U.K. media ethics he got updates on the timings and progress on Rupert Murdoch’s $12 billion bid to buy U.K. satcaster BSkyB.”

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.  The next set of links will be prepared on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


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