Good morning, here are today’s political law links (Fri. June 8, 2012)

DEMANDS ON WATERS REPORT. Roll Call.  “A group of House Democrats today sent a letter to the Ethics Committee asking it to release the findings of the special counsel who concluded the committee had not violated the rights of Rep. Maxine Waters as it prepared its case against the California Democrat.”

ETHICS GUIDANCE ON DISCLOSURE.  Roll Call.  The guidance is here.

PERSONAL FINANCE ATTACK.  The Hill.  “The Obama campaign went hard after Mitt Romney’s personal finances in a conference call on Thursday, ripping the presumptive Republican nominee for saying he would only move his holdings into a federal blind trust if he’s elected president.”

FUNDRAI$ING RACE.  Story here.  “Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee raised a combined $76.8 million in May, outdistancing President Obama and the Democratic National Committee by a wide margin.”

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE FEC?  The press release for yesterday’s meeting is online here.

REPORT ON EX-ENSIGN AIDE.  The Times.  “On Thursday, a somber Mr. Hampton returned to Washington and pleaded guilty to a charge of illegal lobbying in a scandal that left him in bankruptcy, ended his marriage and forced Mr. Ensign to resign his Senate seat last year under threat of expulsion by fellow senators.”

ABRAMOFF ON FL GIFT RULES.  Here.  “Politically popular rules against business interests entertaining public officials, such as Florida’s total ban on lobbyist gifts, do nothing to curb corruption, the nation’s self-proclaimed ‘most notorious lobbyist’ told a Tallahassee political group Thursday.”

LEFTOVERS IN TX.  Story here.  “A former state representative from Williamson County has been spending leftover campaign cash on high-priced airline tickets, boutique hotel rooms, high-dollar restaurant tabs and Apple Computer products — possibly in violation of state ethics laws.”


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