Good morning, here are the 8/8 political law links

VP CHOICE AND FUNDRAISING RACE.  Politico.  “As Mitt Romney closes in on picking a running mate, Sen. Rob Portman is about to deliver a halfmillion dollars to the campaign.”

AD CONFUSION.  Story here.  “Fox News’s ‘The Five’ dedicated a segment of tonight’s program to attacking what it labeled an ‘Obama ad.’ The ad, however, was made by pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA.”

POLITICAL APP PRIVACY.  The Post.  “President Obama’s reelection team has taken canvassing to the next technological level, introducing a free iPhone app that maps the location of nearby Democrats, identifying them by first name, last initial and home address.”

CA: BALLOT MEASURE ACTIVITY.  LA Times.  “A whopping $150 million has been raised by campaigns for and against statewide ballot measures in California so far this year, according to the state campaign finance watchdog agency.”

FL:  VICTORY FOR MINORS’ CONTRIBUTION RIGHTS.  Story here.  “A tenacious Boca Raton 17-year-old has helped other kids gain equal footing with adults in the political arena, after a federal judge sided with her and blocked a state law capping political contributions by minors at $100.”

ISSAQUAH LOBBYING.  Story here.  “Issaquah needs a lobbyist to advocate in the marble corridors beneath the Capitol dome — and coax state legislators to support local projects, City Council members said in a contentious decision to hire a longtime Olympia lobbyist.”



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