Political law links (10/31/12)

“SKITTISHNESS” AND FCPA REQUESTS. FCPA Professor. “The current era of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement has led to a high level of anxiety and skittishness over things that should not. The end result is overcompliance and inefficient use of resources.”

INDEPENDENT SPENDING TRUMPS.  The Hill.   “Outside spending groups are making their presence felt in several tight House races, in some cases spending more than the candidates on the ballot.”

LAW PROFILE.  The Post.  “After more than a decade working side by side, the two men rarely talk these days. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Steven Law, his trusted former aide, remain a powerful combined force in Washington.”

GROUPS FINANCING.  The Post.  “With the Senate majority potentially in the balance, tens of millions of dollars have poured into more than a dozen states for the final push in an unusually large cluster of competitive races.”

FRONTLINE ON MT CASE. Information here. “To find out just how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has transformed political races in America, Frontline teamed up with Marketplace to look at the role of campaign finance in the race for one hotly-contested Montana Senate seat.” It was on my local PBS station last night and I DVR’d it.

CLAIM RE: “BIN LADEN” CONTRIBUTION. Daily Caller. Media Matters has more here.

CA: SANDY DELAYS CASE. LA Times. “Hurricane Sandy, which is threatening millions on the East Coast with flooding and high winds, has even conspired to disrupt California politics.”

CA:  PATH CLEARED FOR CASE.  LA Times.  “A state judge in Sacramento appears ready to side with California’s campaign finance watchdog in its effort to unmask the donors behind the Arizona nonprofit that donated $11 million to state campaigns earlier this month.”

MT: CAMPAIGN FREEZE. Story here. “Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill’s campaign has had to freeze media advertising, polling and travel since last Thursday to comply with a state judge’s order not to spend a disputed $500,000 donation, his campaign manager said Monday.”

WA: UPDATE IN OLD POLITICAL COMMITTEE CASE. Story here. “A legal dispute over the Building Industry Association’s support for Dino Rossi’s gubernatorial campaign in 2008 got a bit of new life today. The state Court of Appeals handed down a split decision that orders additional judicial review in a four-year-old case that alleged improper campaign finance activities by the BIAW and its failure to register as a political action committee.”

UK: REVOLVING DOOR ISSUES. Story here. “One of David Cameron’s senior advisers is leaving Downing Street to become a lobbyist for Wonga, the controversial payday lender.”


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