Good morning, here are today’s political law links (11/5/12)

LESSONS OF 12. Too soon? Politico: “This is the new normal in congressional politics, where money, power and control have shifted away from party committees and candidates to deep-pocketed outside groups that — thanks to Citizens United and other recent court decisions — aren’t restricted by contribution limits.

DISABLED VOTING ISSUES. Story here. The report discusses possible exploitation of disabled voters.

MILITARY VOTER ISSUES. Story here. “Local service members who have spent years serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren’t allowed to vote in the presidential election.”

CA: FPPC DENIED. Story here. “Ann Ravel, who heads the state Fair Political Practices Commission, said her agency will now ask the state Supreme Court to force ARL to comply.”

CO: LOBBYING LAW ANALYSIS. Volokh. Eugene Volokh discusses a law purporting to “forbid[] pretty much any statement to a Colorado legislator, whether by a volunteer or a professional, and whether on behalf of oneself, an advocacy group, a business, or anyone else, in which the speaker ‘threat[ens] a political reprisal’ if the legislator does or doesn’t do something.”

MT: FRONTLINE FALLOUT. Here: “Helena law enforcement officers are investigating a Wednesday night break-in at the office of the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. Staff at the office are not yet sure if anything has been taken.”

MT: FRONTLINE FILE FALLOUT. Story here. “A consultant to a conservative group claims in court that a state official gave ‘Frontline’ access to stolen documents suggesting that the group illegally coordinated with Republican candidates.”

NV: TWICE AS NICE. Story here. “FBI agents arrested a woman Friday in Las Vegas on charges that she tried to vote twice in the presidential election, Secretary of State Ross Miller said.”

OH: VOTER REGISTRATION ISSUES. Story here. “The case echoes multiple voter registration fraud allegations against the now defunct community-organizing group ACORN, and FieldWorks says it has fired two workers in Cincinnati whom they suspect may have been forging cards.”

TX: ETHICS FINES DELAY. Story here. “Two of Texas’ top judges have been able to put off paying huge ethics fines for more than two years, and neither case stands to be resolved before Election Day when both are on the ballot for new six-year terms.”

VA: FAIRFAX COUNTY LAWSUIT UPDATE. The Post. “In the end, even the Fairfax County judge deciding a last-minute lawsuit over the rights of poll watchers on Election Day wasn’t sure what the parties were fighting over.”


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