Political law links for 12/5/12

SUPER PAC BURN RATE. BW. “Entrepreneurs who set up super-PACs wrote their own paychecks. The new groups sometimes moved as much money into the pockets of employees as they did into races. And some showed evidence of self-dealing.”

VON SPAKOVSKY ON POTTER. Here. “What is it about the First Amendment and the right to engage in political speech that so upsets liberals and so-called ‘reformers’ such as former FEC Commissioner Trevor Potter?”

REPORT ON YESTERDAY’S PANEL. Roll Call. “The $6 billion spending record set in the 2012 elections will soon be outstripped by future campaigns, but it also opens the way for new political money restrictions, a team of election law experts said at the National Press Club on Tuesday.”

MORE LOBBYIST RULES? Roll Call. “Lobbyists already chafing under the Obama administration’s lobbying restrictions and congressional ethics rules could soon have a brand new headache: a nascent grass-roots movement that’s placed reining in lobbyists at its center.”

POLLING ON ETHICS. Here. “Would you buy a used car from a member of Congress?”

AZ: AG IN THE NEWS. Story here. “Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is being investigated by the State Bar over allegations stemming from an investigation into alleged campaign finance violations.”

CA: FPPC IN THE NEWS. Story here. “Since the election, Ravel has continued her efforts to get the bottom of the anonymous campaign contribution from Arizona.”

CA: KJ FINED. Story here. “California’s political watchdog agency has fined the mayor of Sacramento for failing to report donations he solicited for charity organizations.”

CA: LOBBYIST FINES. Story here. “The state Fair Political Practices Commission is cracking down on state lobbyists and their clients for failing to disclose their activity or otherwise crossing ethical lines, handing out $53,000 in fines to seven firms and organizations.”


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