Good morning, here are today’s political law links (1/10/13)

GC’S COULD BE DEALING WITH NEW RULES. Corporate Counsel. “The SEC has been under growing public pressure to consider a disclosure rule after the U.S. Supreme Court unleashed unlimited independent spending in its Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision in 2010.” Comments received by the SEC in response to the petition for rulemaking are online here.

MORGAN AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Story here. “The White House defended Morgan’s First Amendment right to free speech regarding the Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

SUPER PAC DONOR ALLEGATIONS. The Post. “One million dollars is a big political contribution. It’s even bigger for a first-time political donor who lives in a $50,000 house.”

BREAUX, LOTT, AND CLIFF. NRO. “More generally, however, Carney’s (terrific) article is a reminder that when we hear CEOs calling on the country to make sacrifices, join together and all the ‘bipartisan’ rest of it, we also need to ask ourselves what little (or not so little) agreements they have made on the side.”

AK: ETHICS BILL. Story here. “HB10, sponsored by Rep. Max Gruenberg (D-Alaska), takes on issues raised by former Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration.”

DE: REVOLVING DOOR PROPOSAL. Story here. “The legislation would bar representatives and senators from acting as lobbyists for a period of one year after leaving office. A violation of the proposed law would be a criminal misdemeanor. The prohibition would take effect in 2015 and would not apply to current members of the General Assembly.”

GA: LOBBYIST GIFT LIMITS. Story here. “The Senate Study Committee on Ethics Reform said it would recommend its own house adopt a rule to cap gifts at $100.”

MA: SUIT OVER FINE. Story here. “Attorney General Martha Coakley is suing Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua over a $5,000 fine he has refused to pay for campaign finance violations.”

CANADA: DONATIONS QUESTIONED. Story here. “The province’s chief electoral officer has appointed a retired judge and two investigators to look into allegations of an improper $430,000 donation to Premier Alison Redford’s party from Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz.”


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