Here are today’s political law links – Fri., 1/25/13

GIFFORDS AND LOBBYING.  Politico.  “She hasn’t decided whether she’ll actually register as a lobbyist yet — a move she can make now that the one-year ‘cooling off’ period is expiring — but she will represent her new outfit, Americans for Responsible Solutions, in pushing Congress to enact new gun-control laws.”

AIG HIRES.  Story here.  “AIG is back in the lobbying game after a four-year self-imposed ban from lobbying while the company was owned by U.S. taxpayers.”

PRO-TIP.  New federal contribution limits are coming soon:  “Some of the contribution limits set forth in the federal campaign finance laws are adjusted every election cycle to account for changes in the consumer price index (CPI). In odd-numbered years, the FEC publishes the adjusted limits immediately after it receives the CPI figures from the Department of Labor — typically in late January or early February.”  FEC.

MD:  LEOPOLD TRIAL.  The Post.  It’s been quite lurid, but the trial of Anne Arundel County Exec. John Leopold has also involved allegations of political use of government resources.  The Post called for his resignation yesterday.

NY:  CFR HELP ENLISTED.  The Times.  “Advocates of overhauling New York’s campaign fund-raising laws met with 40 philanthropists in Manhattan on Thursday in an effort to enlist additional supporters as they ramp up their lobbying efforts.”

UT:  HERBERT BACKS REFORM.  Story here.  “Gov. Gary Herbert endorsed significant ethics changes for executive branch officials — including the attorney general’s office — in the aftermath of a scandal that is dogging Attorney General John Swallow.”


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