Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 3/25/13

MCFARLANE AND FARA ISSUE. The Post. “The FBI has searched the apartment of former Reagan administration national security adviser Robert McFarlane for evidence of whether he lobbied on behalf of the government of Sudan in violation of federal law.”

CFR DEAL FROM THE ATLANTIC. Here. “A clean trade would ameliorate both problems. First, pass legislation requiring more disclosure. Democrats have proposed just that, in a law they call, creatively, the disclose Act. Second, pass a law raising today’s overly restrictive caps on direct donations to candidates and parties.”

FCC MOVES. The Hill. Two Commissioners announced that they are leaving their positions.

PAC TERMINATION. Roll Call. “The terminated PACs were run by a handful of unknown organizers who, for reasons of their own, had each set up dozens of super PACs with obscure names and missions.”

NEW GROUP LAUNCH. ABC. A new super PAC looks to be the Republican equivalent to American Bridge 21st Century.

NEW MA GROUP LAUNCH. Story here. “A Medford resident has formed a political action committee (known as a PAC) to aimed at ‘restoring a healhty two-party balance’ in the Commonwealth.”

OFA TWITTER ASSET. The Post. “Campaign finance law doesn’t prevent Obama from raising money for or speaking to groups like Organizing for Action, but watchdog groups note that Obama has spoken out in the past against the influence of money in politics and groups like Organizing for Action that can accept unlimited contributions without having to disclose donors.”

100 MOST INFLUENTIAL LAWYERS. NLJ. Several campaign finance and election lawyers made the list.

CAMPAIGN WORK AND RELATIVES. USAT. “Thirty-two members of Congress dispensed more than $2 million in campaign funds to pay relatives’ salaries during the 2012 election cycle, a USA TODAY analysis of the most recent campaign records shows.”

FL: LIMIT UPDATE. Story here. “A year after redistricting made legislative districts more competitive, the Florida House on Friday passed a campaign-finance bill that raises contribution limits and appears to give incumbents a political advantage.”

MT: CFR UPDATE. Here. “A coalition of senators are undermining Republican leaders and forcing a floor vote on a campaign finance overhaul.”

NJ: INDEPENDENT GROUP LIMITS. Story here. “The state’s campaign finance watchdog agency today told an out-of-state Democratic group that intends to take part in this year’s Assembly and Senate races that it must register as a campaign committee and adhere to contribution limits.”

FRANCE: SARKOZY CAMPAIGN FINANCE ISSUE. Here. “A judge filed preliminary charges against former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday, accusing him of abusing the confidence of an heiress during fundraising for his 2007 election campaign.”


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