Good morning, here are Monday’s political law links, 4/15/13

ETHICS COMPLAINT FILED. The Hill. “A government watchdog group on Thursday filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over the secretly taped strategy session that was leaked to the media this week.”

STOCK ACT CHANGES. Politico. “Congress has quickly and quietly moved to considerably scale back financial disclosure requirements that were mandated by the STOCK Act last year after a report released last month raised security concerns about posting the information online.”


AZ: REFORM DEFENDED. Story here. “Matt Benson said Friday that Brewer signed into law the measure that wildly increases campaign finance limits because candidates have become bystanders in their own elections.”

CT: GUILTY PLEAS. Story here. “Joshua Nassi of Fairfield and Benjamin Hogan of Southington both pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Janet Bond Arterton on April 12 to one count of conspiracy to make false statements to the Federal Election Commission and to impede the FEC’s enforcement of federal campaign finance laws.”

MD: CFR REVAMP. News here. “An extensive revamping of Maryland’s campaign finance laws is raising donation limits for individuals, while emphasizing disclosure and enabling the state elections board to fine violators.”

MO: WHAT’S NEXT? Story here. “Time is running short for any legislative efforts to tighten Missouri’s campaign finance rules by limiting contributions and requiring more political organizations to disclose donors.”

NY: STATE AIRCRAFT USE OK. Story here. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s family, including his celebrity girlfriend Sandra Lee, can fly on the state aircraft with him when he’s on official business, according to a state ethics ruling Thursday.”

OK: DEPUTY DIRECTOR HIRED. Story here. “The commission’s board approved Friday the hiring of a deputy director and a part-time receptionist. The move gives the agency, which at one time this year was down to two employees, six workers.”

TX: STAFFER INDICTED. Story here. “The chief of staff for a Central Texas lawmaker was indicted on state jail felonies in connection with allegations of tampering with travel records, the Travis County district attorney said Friday.”

VT: REFORMS MOVE TO HOUSE. Story here. “A major overhaul of the state’s campaign finance laws has at last won the approval of the state Senate, after a unpredictable path featuring committee and caucus politics, an hours-long floor debate two weeks ago, and endless legislative tweaks.”


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