Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 4/29/13

CONTRIBUTION DETAIL ORDERED. Story here. “A federal judge has ordered two plaintiffs’ law firms to provide details of their political contributions following ‘pay to play’ allegations put forth by a defendant in a securities class action.”

NEY ON C-SPAN. Bob Ney discussed his book yesterday. More here.

WONKBLOG ON CFR. The Post. “What sets the Wyden-Murkowski bill apart? A number of features look familiar to DISCLOSE.”

DONATIONS AND NOMINATION. Story here. “As U.S. Sen. Harry Reid was considering Las Vegas attorney Jennifer Dorsey for a federal judgeship in May, two senior partners at her law firm made $150,000 in contributions to a political action committee associated with the Nevada senator, records show.”

CA: CANDIDATE FINED. Story here. “The California Fair Political Practices Commission on Thursday, April 25, fined Mendocino County 5th District Supervisor Dan Hamburg $9,500 for incorrectly reporting his campaign finances during the Nov. 2, 2010 election in which he won his seat, including a charge that he didn’t report more than $5,000 of contributions.”

NC: INVESTIGATION SUPPORTED. Story here. “A majority of members on the North Carolina Board of Elections say they support opening a campaign-finance investigation into 2012 political donations from the operators of sweepstakes games.”

VA: CANDIDATE AMENDS FORMS. The Post. “Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II announced Friday that he had received more gifts from Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr. than he had previously reported and that he had asked the Richmond commonwealth’s attorney to review his disclosure filings.”

VA: SPOTLIGHT ON ETHICS RULES. The Post. “Virginia requires only that officials disclose any gifts worth more than $50.”

VT: PROFESSOR URGES CAUTION. Here. “Constitutional law scholar Cheryl Hanna urged the House Government Operations committee on Friday to be cautious about instituting new campaign finance reforms.”


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