Here are Friday’s political law links, 5/10

Heritage. “H.R. 1724, the Kids First Research Act of 2013, sponsored by Representative Gregg Harper (R–MS), would end the Presidential Election Campaign Fund (PECF). That’s the good news. But then the bill would authorize spending existing PECF funds on a new 10-year pediatric research initiative via the National Institutes of Health (NIH).” There’s over $200 million in the fund.

OPINION APPROVED. FEC. “The Commission concluded that because the 1787 National Committee, Inc. (1787) has not yet placed any candidates for federal office on any ballot, 1787 does not yet come within the definition of a ‘political party’ under the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended, (the Act) and Commission regulations. Accordingly, 1787 is not yet the ‘national committee’ of a political party within the meaning of the Act and Commission regulations. During the openmeeting discussion, the Commission heard from the Chairman of the 1787 National Committee, Inc.”

AL: BILL TO REMOVE CAP. Story here. “A bill before the Alabama House of Representatives today seeks to repeal the state’s $500 limit on corporate campaign contributions to candidates.”

NY: FINE FOR RUN. Story here. “Team De Blasio got socked with a $10,000 penalty for ‘commingling’ funds raised for his ’09 campaign and his current bid for the mayoralty…”

NYC: LIU IMPACT. Here. “City Comptroller John Liu continues to run for mayor as if confident he can overcome the embarrassment of a campaign finance scandal that could send one of his top former aides and a contributor to prison for decades.”

TN: LOBBYIST REGISTRATION ISSUE. Here. “Tom Ingram, veteran consultant to Gov. Bill Haslam, faces a potential civil penalty for failing for three years to register as required by law as a lobbyist for a company that wants to mine coal on state-owned land near Crossville, Tenn.”

TX: PERRY GETS BILL. Story here. “The Texas Senate has passed and sent to Gov. Rick Perry a bill requiring lobbyists who also work as campaign consultants to disclose that information.”

UT: BAR COMPLAINT IN ETHICS MATTER. Story here. “The former director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection has filed a complaint with the Utah State Bar, alleging embattled Attorney General John Swallow violated ethical standards when he had conversations with a business owner facing a $400,000 fine for breaking telemarketing laws.”

VA: ETHICS REFORM VIEW. The Daily Progress. “Given the unfolding and deepening problems now facing Virginia, ethics reform should be a high priority for the next General Assembly.”


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