Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 5/29

READY FOR 16. Politico. “The ‘Ready For Hillary’ super PAC, which seems to have particularly close ties to the Clinton universe, has in recent weeks been beefing up its operation, attracting some major figures in Democratic fundraising before there’s even a candidate.”

REID SORRY. Story here. “U.S. Sen. Harry Reid said Tuesday he was surprised he wasn’t called to testify in the trial of former lobbyist and real estate mogul Harvey Whittemore, who is accused of illegally funneling $133,000 in contributions to Reid’s 2010 campaign.”

IRS MANAGING. Politico. “The new head of the IRS is moving quickly to reshape the scandal-plagued agency.”

NJ: BRINDLE BENDS. Story here. “A Washington-based group that intends to take part in this year’s elections will be able to raise unlimited funds from New Jersey donors under an agreement reached with the state’s campaign finance watchdog agency.”

NY: CFR UNLIKELY. News here. “A key member of the state Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference says the group does not foresee joining with the rest of the Democrats to overcome Republican resistance to a number of end of session issues, including public financing of campaigns.”

NYC: THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. Story here. “The city’s campaign finance board is set to release a new app that puts election transparency in the palm of New Yorkers hands.”


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