Good morning, here are political law links for 8-27-13

WINDFALL.  The Hill.  “ObamaCare has become big business for an elite network of Washington lobbyists and consultants who helped shape the law from the inside.”

MEGADONOR VALLEY.  Story here.  “Thirty-four Coachella Valley residents belong to an elite political club — they are among the nation’s most generous donors who poured more money into presidential and congressional races in 2012 than 99 percent of all Americans.”

HUNT ON MCCUTCHEON.  Here.  “One of the first cases the Supreme Court will consider in its next session is whether to allow millions, perhaps billions, more dollars into the U.S. political system.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  DC.  “Women Lead PAC, founded by prominent Republican donor and Republican National Committee Finance Co-Chair for 2011-2012 Christine Torretti, will seek to bring more women to the Republican Party by offering more resources to Republican women candidates.”

EMAIL FILTER DAMAGE.  Politico.  “For political marketers, that extra click needed to reach their information could equal less money because of lower open rates (the number of people who actually read the email) and conversion rates (the number of actions as a result of the email).”

AK:  TRAINING SET.  Here.  “The Alaska Public Offices Commission will host two training sessions in Fairbanks to explain group and candidate campaign disclosure requirements.”

NC:  FINES ON DISCLOSURE.  News here.  “The State Ethics Commission decided to fine two political appointees for not submitting their required financial disclosure form and let 24 others who missed the deadline avoid the penalty.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY REFORM.  Brindle.  “Even without separate local laws, the state’s law is overly complex. Permitting local governing bodies to pass their own ordinances creates an even bigger quagmire. Especially when they can change them after every election.”


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