Friday’s political law links, 9/27/13

VITTER ETHICS COMPLAINT.  The Hill.  “Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) expanded his ethics complaint Thursday in an attempt to pinpoint and punish the Senate Democrats who leaked draft legislation earlier this month in an attempt to embarrass him.”

SEN. WARREN ON MCCUTCHEON.  HuffPo.  “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) warned Thursday that a coming Supreme Court case that could ultimately eliminate certain campaign contribution limits is a ‘clear danger’ that threatens to expand the influence of large and wealthy corporations on elections.”

LESSIG:  WHAT’S CORRUPT?  Here.  “For a committed originalist, a law aimed at reducing the dependence of Congress on the rich is a perfectly ordinary example of a law aimed at reducing  ‘corruption.'”

“RARE” INDICTMENT.  NR.  “What we do know is that in this case, authorities decided that the law still meant something, and did their job in upholding it. For that small stab against cynical indifference they are to be commended.”

CA:  SAN DIEGO HIRES.  News here.  “Two lobbying firms whose contracts former Mayor Bob Filner ended were rehired by the city to nurture San Diego friendly legislation at the state and federal levels, interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Thursday morning.”

MO MONEY.  Story here.  “Since their last filings in July, candidate and issue campaign committees have brought in more than $6.7 million – and that’s just in contributions that have been more than $5,000, which committees have to report within two days of receiving.”

NY:  EMERGENCY SUIT.  Story here.  “A new political action committee seeking to bankroll TV ads supporting GOP mayoral nominee Joe Lhota sued city and state Board of Election officials Wednesday for the right to accept contributions exceeding the state’s $150,000 annual donation limit for individuals.”

NY:  ANIMAL RIGHTS FINANCING.  Story here.  “In order to determine whether coordination has taken place between a candidate and an outside group, the city Campaign Finance Board considers factors such as whether the person making an independent expenditure is also an agent of the candidate that is benefiting, and whether they share office space.”

SD:  GUILTY PLEA.  Story here.  “Scott Swier, 41, was accused of failing to file or amend a statement of organization for a political action committee, a Class 2 misdemeanor. The plea was entered in Hughes County before Magistrate Judge Leo Disburg, who suspended the $54 fine and $66 of court costs provided that Swier returns the money.”


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