Wed. top political law links

REFORMERS HIT SEC MOVE. WSJ. “Liberal groups, campaign-finance reformers and Democrats in Congress on Tuesday criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission after it apparently shelved a proposal that would have required publicly traded companies to disclose political spending.”

CHENEY SUPER PAC LAUNCH. NYT. “As for the super PAC, Liz Cheney cannot, by law, coordinate with the group.”

CO: NO EXPLICIT PHRASES, NO FINE. Story here. “City Clerk Valeria Skitt reversed her own ruling Tuesday, saying that a Longmont anti-fracking group did not break the city’s campaign laws and will not owe a $100 fine for a mailer it sent to voters.” Longmont municipal code: “Expressly advocating means promoting the election or defeat of a candidate through the use of explicit phrases, including but not limited to: ‘vote for’, ‘elect’, ‘support’, ‘vote against’, ‘defeat’ or ‘reject’.” According to the article, the mailer used check marks and circles with a slash through them.

MD: LOBBYISTS OF CHINCOTEAGUE. Story here. “The Chincoteague town council voted 5-0 to retain the town’s Washington, D. C. lobbyist for another six months at a cost of $5,000.”

MI: LIMITS MAY BE DOUBLED. MILive. ” A controversial bill that would double maximum political campaign contributions and protect unreported issue ad spending ahead of Michigan’s 2014 election could reach Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk by the end of the year.”

MO: GIFT SURGE. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But thanks in part to the success of Missouri’s sports teams, lobbyist freebies rose to $71,800 in October – the most spending of any October during the past 10 years, according to Missouri Ethics Commission data.”

NJ: MARLBORO PAY TO PLAY PROPOSAL. News here. “The Township Council is considering an ordinance that could align Marlboro’s pay-to-play regulations with those of the state.”

NY: CFR IN DOUBT. Newday. “Lawmakers and analysts cast doubt Monday on a state commission’s recommendation that New York move to a system that uses taxpayers’ money to fund political campaigns.”


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