Wed. political law links

BUDGET BILL CONTENTS. Opensecrets. “Buried a third of the way through the text (p. 576 of more than 1,500) is language that would prohibit any of the funds approved in the budget from being used to require disclosure by those seeking government contracts, their officers, directors or affiliates, to candidates or committees or for independent expenditures or electioneering communications.”

REFORMERS MARCH. Eagle Tribune. “Campaign finance reformers, invoking the memory of Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, are marching the length of the state before New Hampshire presidential primary contenders set foot on the campaign trail.”

FEC MEETING. The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

AZ: GUILTY PLEA. “Gary Husk, a former prominent lobbyist whose clients once included the Fiesta Bowl, pleaded guilty in Maricopa County Superior Court Monday to a misdemeanor conspiracy campaign-finance charge.”

MO: CFR PLAN. News here. “Secretary of State Jason Kander announced an ambitious proposal Tuesday to cap campaign contributions, ban lawmakers from accepting gifts and institute a cooling off period before lawmakers can become lobbyists, the latest in a string of attempts to rein in Missouri’s ethics laws.”

PA: EMBEZZLEMENT CASE. CBS. “A former campaign aide to Philadelphia city councilman Bobby Henon pleaded guilty today to stealing from the councilman’s campaign funds.”

UT: $9,999 LIMIT IN BILL. Story here. “The issue of limiting campaign contributions is a contentious one in Utah politics.”

VA: FUNDRAISING DURING SESSION. WP. “A Virginia state senator has promised to return $1,695 in campaign donations raised with an appeal made in his name during the General Assembly session, when sitting lawmakers are prohibited from raising money.”


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