Mon. 3-10-14 political law links

XBOX LIVE POLITICAL ADS.  WP.  “Microsoft is trying to persuade politicians to take out targeted ads on Xbox Live, Skype, MSN and other company platforms as midterm elections begin heating up around the country.”

SUPER PAC READY.  TIME.  “This weekend is a big one for the juggernaut Hillary Clinton for President shadow campaign.”

ALLEGED REIMBURSEMENT.  “According to the indictment, [Russell] Adler was reimbursed about $200,000 in campaign contributions made to Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008 and another $5,000 made to former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.”

ARREST IN NICARAGUA.  “A woman under investigation for a campaign finance scheme tied to former congressman David Rivera was brought back to South Florida from Nicaragua Friday to face election violation charges, sources and authorities said.”

KY:  DUAL CANDIDACY BILL PUSH.  UPI.  “A proposed Kentucky bill lets a candidate run for multiple offices, allowing Sen. Rand Paul to run for president and his current seat, a state legislator said.”

LA:  BILLS FILED.  Times-Picayune.  No fewer than 11 bills have been filed related to campaign finance and ethics subjects.

MT:  NEW PAC.  “PACs have been the source of so-called dark money over the last few elections cycles, and a lot of that spending in Montana has been aimed at helping more conservative Republicans win primary campaigns.”

UT:  BILLS ADVANCE.  Salt Lake Tribune.  “Legislators are advancing a long list of ethics reforms growing out of the scandals that toppled Attorney General John Swallow, but one key reform long sought by good-government groups has quietly faded away.”

UT:  CFR MOVES.  Deseret News.  “Candidates for public office who fail to report campaign contributions on time might have to pay fines.”

VA:  ETHICS DEAL.  RTD.  “The new measure places an annual limit of $250 on so-called ‘tangible’ gifts that lawmakers may receive from a single individual or entity.”  Here’s S.B. 649.

WI:  MJS OPPOSES.  Here.  “One of the bills that was being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) would have allowed lobbyists to hand checks to legislators and other elected officials during the legislative session, a practice that is currently barred — and for good reason.”

WI:  COMPLAINT ON FUNDS.  “The Republican Party of Wisconsin has filed a complaint with the state’s campaign and elections agency against the AFL-CIO, alleging the labor union failed to disclose its activity in attempting to influence a state Assembly election.”


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