Good Morning: Monday’s Political Law Links

GROWING SCANDAL.  Fox News.  “A campaign adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton was involved in an off-the-books operation to help the former first lady’s 2008 presidential campaign in four states and Puerto Rico, according to federal court documents.”

RISE OF THE D SUPER PACS.  NBC.  “The Senate Majority PAC, a group that supports Democrats up for re-election, is set to spend $3 million on ads in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, and North Carolina, nearly doubling what they’ve spent so far this cycle, according to the New York Times.

INVOLUNTARY MONEY.  Forbes.  “It’s important to keep in mind that unions fill their vastly larger political and campaign coffers with money that was confiscated from worker paychecks without their consent.”

DC:  MACHEN CRITICIZED.  WP.  “‘Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?’ Those were the bitter words of former labor secretary Raymond J. Donovan after finally being found not guilty at trial two years after he was forced to step down from Ronald Reagan’s cabinet to face fraud and grand larceny charges that turned out to be false.”

DC:  MACHEN CRITICIZED.  WP.  “Machen has yet to back up his accusations against Gray with formal charges that can be presented in a court of law before a judge and jury.”

MT:  COMPLAINTS REJECTED.  Montana Standard.  “The state political practices commissioner has dismissed 20 complaints filed by a Bozeman Tea Party member against Republican legislators and, in so doing, established a new policy for addressing frivolous complaints.”

MT:  CANDIDATES REMOVED FROM BALLOT.  Independent Record.  “Eight legislative candidates did not file their required business disclosures and have been removed from the ballot, eliminating five contested primary races and leaving two Democratic candidates without Republican opponents in November’s general election.”

NY:  FINAL CFR PUSH.  Democrat & Chronicle.  “As he prepares to seek reelection this year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has more than $33 million in his campaign war chest and not much to show for his pledge to overhaul the state’s campaign finance laws.”


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