Monday’s political law links, 3-31-14

BALZ ON CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  WP.   “Many people have had a role in bringing the system to this point — the courts, special interests, incredibly wealthy individuals with their own agendas and candidates seeking to gain political advantage in the fierce competition that is presidential politics.”   He might want to add those responsible for BCRA if we’re listing those with a role in bringing the system to this point.

NONPROFITS IN OK.  The Oklahoman.  “The group was registered with the Oklahoma secretary of state as a for-profit corporation, but an attorney said that was a mistake.”

SUPER PACS GOING DOWN BALLOT.  Tampa Bay Times.  “If 2012 was the breakout for super PACs in the presidential campaign, 2014 marks their down-ballot arrival.”

SUPER PAC BILLBOARDS.  News & Observer.  “A Charlotte-based super PAC announced Friday it had purchased billboards to attack Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan for repeating President Barack Obama’s pledge that people could keep their existing health care plan if they wanted.”

CA:  SENATOR SUSPENSIONS.  Contra Costa Times.  “After a fiery and passionate debate about how to punish lawmakers accused of criminal wrongdoing, the state Senate on Friday voted 28-1 to suspend — with pay — three disgraced colleagues, marking the first time any lawmaker has faced the penalty in the Legislature’s history.”

NY:  PUBLIC FINANCING FOR COMPTROLLER RACE ONLY.  Capital New York.  “State budget bills printed late Friday include public campaign financing for just one political office this year: The state comptroller, something good government advocates balked at as an overall failure to accomplish comprehensive campaign finance reform.”

RI:  SCRUTINY FOR DEPUTY WHIP.   WPRI.  “One of the members of the leadership team chosen by Rhode Island’s new speaker of the House has been facing scrutiny over his campaign finance filings since 2012, according to the R.I. Board of Elections.”

VA:  GOV. DIDN’T APPROVE.  WJLA.  “Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Thursday he did not approve a fundraising appeal his newly formed political action committee sent promising big-dollar donors personal access to him and also said he’s giving to charity a past contribution that came from a D.C. businessman who recently pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations.”


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