The top political law links for Wed., 4-9-14

THE PASSION OF MCCUTCHEON.  Forbes.  “Mr. McCutcheon is not a corporation. He is not an oligarch. He is a successful engineer but his pockets aren’t deep enough to awaken anything like the ghosts of Citizens United v. FEC.”

WHO CFR PROTECTS. The Columbian (Sowell).  “It is fascinating to see how some people — in both politics and the media — can depict their own narrow self-interest as a holy crusade for the greater good of society. The ability of the human mind to rationalize is one of the wonders of the world.”

SCHUMER HEARTS KOCH.  Here.  “It now turns out that Schumer’s uneasiness with calling the Koch brothers ‘un-American’ didn’t have as much to do with casting aspersions upon their character as it had to do with something in his past that he probably knew would expose him as a hypocrite. And that something was a 2009  letter from Schumer thanking the Koch brothers political organization, KOCHPAC, for a contribution to his campaign.”

SUPER PACS TARGET.  Anchorage Daily News.  “In addition to common themes, those Senate contests are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of early TV ads — funded by the same group of super-political action committees and nonprofits that can raise money in unlimited amounts to influence elections.”

CA:  NOT GUILTY PLEA.   ABC.  “Suspended California state Sen. Leland Yee has pleaded not guilty to all charges for his alleged role in a San Francisco political corruption and organized crime case.”

CA:  DELAY IN HEARING.  “Much of an anticipated discussion about photos, wiretap recordings and other items related to a federal campaign finance probe was postponed Monday, when a judge pushed the hearing to June.”

DE:  FEES TO FUND OFFICE?  “Lobbyists would be required to pay an annual registration fee to help fund the state’s starved Public Integrity Commission under a legislative proposal that Democratic lawmakers are circulating in Dover.”

DE:  BILL EYED.  WT.  “The bill to be voted on Tuesday establishes June 30 as the end of a new mandatory reporting period for political campaign committees. Currently, committees have to file year-end reports and reports 30 days and eight days before an election.”

MN:  MCUTCHEON IMPLICATIONS.  Star Tribune.  “In campaigns for the statehouse, Minnesota law allows only the first 12 citizens to donate $1,000 to the candidate of their choice. Everyone afterward may donate only $500.”

VA:  MCAULIFFE AMENDS.  WP.  “McAuliffe’s proposed changes would require lobbyists to report what they spend on gifts and entertainment for both lawmakers and their families.”

VA:  JUDGE DENIES BRIEF.  WP.  “Five former Virginia attorneys general won’t be allowed to file court papers arguing that public corruption charges against ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell should be dismissed.”


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