Good morning, here are today’s political law links, 4-25-14

SUPER PAC SUGGESTIONS.  NJ.  “Candidates can’t legally talk strategy with a super PAC. But can they write a super PAC’s ad copy?  That’s the question raised by a new page on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s website, in which the New Hampshire Democrat is shopping what appears to be a 30-second ad script for an outside group. The script comes complete with a document backing up the attacks on her opponent, former Sen. Scott Brown, and high-resolution images of the smiling candidate that could populate a potential future ad.”

ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST REID.  HuffPo.  “The Louisiana Republican Party filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee on Wednesday, accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) of improperly using his official Senate website and Twitter account for partisan attacks on billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.”

CA:  ETHICS 101.  News10.  “The California Senate is trying to repair its public image after three senators were accused of bribery, gun-running or other charges.”

CA:  NEW CHAIR.  LAT.  “With ethics scandals rocking the Capitol, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday appointed as the new head of California’s ethics watchdog agency a judge who has overseen the discipline of attorneys.”

GA:  ETHICS HACK ATTACK.  AJC.  “The state ethics commission’s website was hacked Thursday and its home page was briefly replaced by an image of Iran.”

IN:  VOTE POSTPONED.  Courier-Journal.  “House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, sent the issue to the committee after Democratic Party Chairman John Zody asked the leader to look into accusations that Turner allegedly lobbied for a proposal that could have helped his children’s nursing home construction business.”

MT:  LATE FILING.  “Campaign fundraising reports for the first three months of the year were due April 15. But two of Montana’s Senate candidates don’t have theirs in yet.”

NY:  SUPER PAC LIMITS STRUCK.  Time.  “A federal judge in New York struck down the state’s limits on donations to independent political action committees, or super PACs, citing prior Supreme Court decisions with which he himself disagreed.”

NY:  JUDGE LIFTS LIMITS.  “District Judge Paul Crotty said he had misgivings about his ruling, but that New York’s laws would not be constitutional in the wake of the Court’s recent decisions.”

GER:  DAIMLER GIVES.  “A spokesman of Daimler said in the announcement that the company will spend a total of 320,000 euros (441,660 U.S. dollars) for donations to parties, the same amount as last year.”


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