Tues. political law links, 6-10-14

PRIVATE MARKETS AND PUBLIC GOODS.  Brennan Center (Torres-Spellicsy).  “From private parking meters, to private jails, to the entrance fee for the private 9/11 Museum, to the cost of running for public office with private dollars, the private market is swamping public goods.”

ROTUNDA ON SJ RES. 19.  Justia.com.  “In over two centuries, only once have the people used an amendment to override another.”

SUED FOR DISCLOSURE.  Examiner.  “The Center for Competitive Politics on Monday sued the Federal Election Commission, alleging the FEC denied the group’s Freedom of Information Act request for a document that ‘relates to a complaint against Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies that was dismissed last December.'”

KOCH CFR LOBBYING.  Roll Call.  “The company owned by billionaires Charles and David Koch, who contribute millions to political advocacy groups that spend money on political advertising and impacting elections, has now started to lobby on the issue of campaign finance.”

CU UPDATE.  NJ.  “It’s been more than four years since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling reshaped the campaign finance landscape, and yet the Federal Election Commission has failed to issue new regulations to take into account the landmark decision.”

REVOLVING DOOR:  NOT FANS.  Sun Times.  “We can never tighten the rules enough to prevent all unethical or illegal activity, so we have to hope that lawmakers and other public officials have enough integrity to avoid relationships that raise questions about their character and their intentions.”

CA:  MAYOR FINED.  Manteca Bulletin.  “The California Fair Political Practices Commission believes that Lathrop Mayor Sonny Dhaliwal’s 2010 campaign – for which he was running for reelection to the city council – made glaring errors in reporting campaign contributions and personal loans.

CA: ASSEMBLYMAN FINED.  Sacramento Bee.  “Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer has agreed to pay California’s political watchdog a $10,000 fine for hiding the source of a $50,000 loan to his 2012 campaign.”

CA:  GROUP FINED.  San Jose Mercury News.  “The Fair Political Practices Commission announced Monday that leaders of the Wisdom Culture and Education Organization, which offers courses in Chinese language and customs, made five illegal donations to ex-Councilman Steve Cho’s unsuccessful 2008 mayoral bid.”

ME:  LEPAGE FINED.  BDN.  “The Maine Ethics Commission has levied fines against Gov. Paul LePage for missing two campaign finance deadlines in the past week.”


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