6-11-14 political law links

MCALLISTER UNLEASHED.  Maddow.  “According to McAllister, an unidentified colleague said he could expect to parlay a vote on a bill related to the Bureau of Land Management into campaign donations.”

THE POINT OF HEARINGS.  Roll Call.  “As Senate Democrats gear up for their third in a series of public hearings on the state of campaign finance, Capitol Hill can expect another made-for-TV performance that’s long on political theatrics and short on policy.”

WIRETAPPING IN INVESTIGATION.  NBC.  “A Mexican millionaire accused of making illegal contributions to local political campaigns is upset about the slow progress of the federal case against him, and according to his attorney, ‘just wants to get his life back.'”

TOP TIER DONOR.  Roll Call.  “An individual donor to Super PACs has given $585,000 in April and May, moving his family into the top ten Super PAC donors this election cycle.”

A BEN THING.  Canton Rep.  “A former SCI employee provided a few rare moments of levity this morning in the federal trial of Stark County businessman Benjamin D. Suarez on allegations of breaking campaign finance law and obstructing justice.”

CT: JUDGE RULES. Courant. “Chief U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall denied the group’s request for a preliminary injunction. The injunction would have barred the State Elections Enforcement Commission from enforcing two campaign laws – one limiting coordination between candidates and fundraisers and a second that distinguishes between ads for a candidate and ads in support of issues.”

LA:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE LANDSCAPE.  NOLA.com.  “The rise of super PACS has created competition for the parties, which must adhere to giving limits.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL?  Politickernj.com.  “The answer to that question may be clearer after September 30, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will hear arguments in a case challenging federal pay-to-play law.”

PA: RGA DONATION IN THE NEWS. Philly.com. “The Republican Governors Association transferred nearly $1 million to its Pennsylvania political action committee from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a blunder that appears to breach the state’s gaming act, records show.”

TX:  ALLEGED USE OF COUNTY PROPERTY.  The Gazette.  “County Assessor Mark Lowderman has been accused of using county resources to advance his political campaign for county treasurer after his office spent nearly $7,300 on mailers sent to senior property owners.”


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