Tues. political law links

SUPER PAC SPENDS.  Roll Call.  “A Republican Super PAC has spent over $500,000 opposing a New York tea party candidate in the June 24th Republican primary.”

SUPER KOCH. Politico. “During a closed-door gathering of major donors in Southern California on Monday, the political operation spearheaded by the Koch brothers unveiled a significant new weapon in its rapidly expanding arsenal — a super PAC called Freedom Partners Action Fund.”

COINVOX AND CONTRIBUTIONS.  TechCrunch.  “The service is fairly simple: you sign up for a limited number of accounts and then announce you’re accepting bitcoin via CoinVox. The service simply takes the BTC and forwards the cash to the particular PAC.”

MONEY MATTERS. DMR. “Recent election results should demonstrate that no matter how much money is raised and spent, it is still up to the voters to educate themselves on the candidates and the issues and exercise their power to counter the big money at the ballot box.”

MD:  COMPLAINT TO BE FILED.  SOMD.com.  “The gubernatorial campaign for Attorney General Douglas Gansler plans to file a campaign finance violation complaint against both the Brown-Ulman campaign and a political action committee that has spent money attacking Gansler.”

MA: PLEDGE SPAR. Boston Globe. “Just two hours before the debate, Coakley challenged Grossman and the third candidate in the race, former Obama administration health care official Donald Berwick, to sign a People’s Pledge designed to limit third-party spending.”

NY:  LLC LOOPHOLE.  NY Real Estate News.  “Governor Andrew Cuomo has become the biggest beneficiary of a loophole in New York State’s campaign finance regulations that allows businesses and individuals to donate large amounts of money to politicians. The lion’s share of the donations appears to be coming from real estate developers.”

OH:  PAY TO PLAY ON THE RADAR.  Daily Record.  “Two Democratic state lawmakers have proposed limits on campaign contributions from law firms seeking special contracts from the attorney general’s office.”

OR:  NONPARTISAN DONATIONS.  Oregonlive.com. “The campaign seeking to qualify a nonpartisan primaries initiative continues to pick up large donations as it seeks to meet a July 3 signature gathering deadline.”


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