Tues. political law links

AMENDMENT UNVEILED.  Politico.  “House Democrats will introduce a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that seeks to overturn two controversial Supreme Court decisions that loosened campaign finance laws.”

REP. JORDAN SEEKS MORE.  Cleveland.com.  “Theorizing that the Federal Election Commission may have destroyed evidence that could be used against a former FEC attorney who admitted campaigning for President Obama’s re-election while on the job, Rep. Jim Jordan wants the agency to provide his investigative subcommittee with information on how it happened to recycle a hard drive that belonged to the lawyer, April Sands.”

UNION MOVES.  Roll Call.  “The AFL-CIO moved $3 million to a Super PAC for use during the 2014 elections, as well as for its Immigration Activism program.”

MA:  PUSH FOR EXEMPTION.  WFB.  “A Massachusetts teachers union is lobbying Democrats to exempt them from strict reporting guidelines in state campaign finance reforms, according to the Boston Globe.”

NY:  RETIREMENT ANNOUNCED.  WBTA.  “State Senator George Maziarz will not be running for re-election in November.”

WA:  LAW EVADES REVIEW.  IJ.org.    “In a decision that leaves the free speech rights of Washingtonians in limbo, late on Friday, July 11, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals announced it would not consider whether Washington laws that protect incumbents from recall elections by arbitrarily limiting how much money and time citizens may contribute to recall campaigns violates the U.S. Constitution.”


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