8.11 political law links

PAY TO PLAY SUIT.  CNBC.  “The Republican state committees from New York and Tennessee said the federal securities regulator had flouted due procedure when adopting its Political Contribution Rule, which they said also violated the constitutional right to freedom of speech.”

CHAPMAN ON CFR.  Chicago Tribune.  “What it boils down to is that both sides find some types of political communication offensive to them and, therefore, undeserving of protection. Censorship is a bipartisan affair.”

E-FILING FOR THE SENATE?  Dispatch.com.  “The U.S. Senate is wasting taxpayer money and keeping the public in the dark about its donors by letting the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act languish.”

DE:  DONATION DISCLOSURE.  Philly.com.  “Under the DRPA’s current rules, adopted in November 2012, contractors doing or seeking business with DRPA must disclose to the agency any political contributions made in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The DRPA, however, withholds those reports from the public.”

MA:  WYNN DONATIONS.  Boston Globe.  “The state’s gambling law prohibits applicants for casino licenses from donating, directly or indirectly, money or in-kind contributions to ‘any group, political party, committee, or association organized in support’ of a Massachusetts candidate. The association is a major funder of a television ad that is currently airing in the Boston market supporting Baker’s candidacy.”

MT:  LATE REPORTS.  Great Falls Tribune.  “Two dozen candidates for state and local offices face removal from the general election ballot if they don’t file campaign finance reports by next week, the commissioner of political practices said Friday.”

UT:  BADGES NEEDED.  ABC.  “The Utah lieutenant governor’s office, where lobbyists must register, expects to hand out about 100 badges during the next few months to be worn at a handful of meetings before the next legislative session in January.”

VA:  CASE WEAK ON QUO.  WP.  “The ‘quo,’ however, consists mainly of increased access for Williams and a product launch at the governor’s mansion. No state contracts, or even the government-funded research that Williams sought.”


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