8.12 political law links

WH REVOLVING DOOR. Politico. “But the reality is that Obama, like his predecessors, has found it difficult to run the government without turning to lobbyists.”

AZ:  OPINION ISSUED.  Prescott News.  “However, the court ruled that while Horne was not identified as a candidate by the ad, nor did the ad state ‘do not elect Tom Horne;’ the timing and tone of the ad occurred at a time when people were well aware of Horne’s candidacy in the attorney general race. Therefore, according to the Court, the ad could have no other reasonable interpretation and was found to be express advocacy.”  The opinion is here.

CA: MEASURE OFF BALLOT. Fresno Bee. “The California Supreme Court on Monday effectively blocked a November advisory ballot measure on the merits of unlimited independent campaign spending, dashing some Democrats’ hopes that the measure would boost voter turnout in what could be an otherwise staid election.”

GA:  HELP LOCAL PARTIES.  Peach Pundit.  “There are fears that local parties could become irrelevant in the future because of the hindrance and the lack of regulation for outside groups.”

MT:  COMPLAINT SPREADS.  KPAX.  “A complaint by Montana Republicans to the Commissioner of Political Practices may have uncovered more than the Republicans bargained for.”

NY:  MIXED VERDICT.   Law360.  “A New York federal jury on Monday convicted former Queens district leader Albert Baldeo of obstructing a campaign finance investigation, but acquitted him of fraud charges stemming from a failed run for city council in 2010.”

PA:  ETHICS ALLEGATIONS.  Times Leader.  “Rice Township Supervisor Chairwoman Marcia Thomas violated the state Ethics Act when she served as the township secretary/treasurer, the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission has found.”


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