8.20 political law links

CORPORATE POLITICAL ACTIVITIES 2014 SOON.  PLI. “To stay above reproach, be sure to attend this acclaimed program. High-level officials from the Federal Election Commission, the Department of Justice, Congressional ethics committees, and state ethics agencies, as well as corporate compliance officers and expert private practitioners, will explain how to navigate the laws that regulate political, lobbying and gift activities.”

GUIDES FOR RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS AND POLITICAL ACTIVITY.  Interfaith Alliance.  “Interfaith Alliance’s guides, ‘A Campaign Season Guide for Houses of Worship’ and ‘Running for Office in a Multi-Faith Nation,’ serve as valuable resources that will help religious leaders, candidates and voters navigate the complex relationship between politics and religion.”

TRAVEL RULES ISSUES.  WP.  “Ethics rules for travel have proved one on the biggest tripping points for candidates. If candidates use a taxpayer-funded flight for constituent services, but make  a campaign stop along the way, they are treading in a gray area that is sure to get attention. If their staff accidentally pays for a campaign trip with taxpayer funds, they’ll be in even more trouble. If they try to hide it, things get pretty ugly.”

PLEA.  Miami Herald.  “Miami congressional candidate and ex-U.S. Rep. David Rivera was officially named as a co-conspirator Tuesday in federal court when his friend and confederate pleaded guilty to criminal campaign-finance violations.”

WI:  WALKER AND REFORM.  Madison.com.  “‘Fighting Bob’ La Follette, Russ Feingold and… Scott Walker?”


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