9.12 political law links

AMENDMENT FAILS. Politico. “The measure failed to clear a 60-vote threshold on Thursday afternoon, 54-42.”

CU SOON. The Hill. “The Federal Election Commission has struck an agreement to formally loosen its regulations governing campaign spending in response to a pair of major Supreme rulings, the agency’s leadership announced Thursday.”

NO INQUIRY. ABC. An arrested congresswoman won’t face investigation.

WILL ON AMENDMENT EXTERMISM. WP. “They tried to radically shrink First Amendment protection of political speech. They evidently think extremism in defense of the political class’s convenience is no vice.”

LOBBYIST CHARGE. Tampabay.com. “Rep. Steve Southerland is out with a hard-hitting new ad that levels a potent charge against Democratic rival Gwen Graham: Years ago, she was a Washington lobbyist.”

HI: SUPER PAC SPENDING. Civilbeat.com. “Newly released campaign spending data show the Pacific Resource Partnership did not report more than $360,000 in expenditures during the 2012 election.”

MD: BUS DIVERSION. MD Reporter. “Brown may have a serious campaign fundraising violation to explain to the state elections board.”

SC: SPEAKER SELF-SUSPENDS. LAT. “The speaker of South Carolina’s House of Representatives found himself in the awkward position of having to suspend himself from office Thursday, a day after he was indicted by a grand jury on campaign finance and misconduct charges.”


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