Fri. political law links

MAYDAY PAY DAY.  Politico.  “Mayday PAC, the self-styled anti-super PAC super PAC fighting big money in politics, raised $1.5 million since mid-August, with $650,000 coming from just five super-rich donors.”

TIMES ON THE POLITICAL MONEY ECOSCAPE. NYT. “With the advent of Citizens United, any players with the wherewithal, and there are surprisingly many of them, can start what are in essence their own political parties, built around pet causes or industries and backing politicians uniquely answerable to them.”

AZ:  ADMISSION IN CASE.  AZ Capitol Times.  “Republican Corporation Commission candidates Tom Forese and Doug Little now admit they broke Arizona’s campaign finance laws, and each has been assessed a $1,000 fine by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, meaning the two will avoid a deeper investigation into their campaign finance reports.”

CA:  ANONYMOUS MAILER.  Palo Alto Online.  “An anonymous mailer urging recipients to vote for the three female candidates for Palo Alto’s school board went out to an unknown number of local homes this week, creating a stir due to its negative tone and apparent targeting of one candidate.”

IL:  EMANUEL EDGE.  Chicago Tribune.  “Mayor Rahm Emanuel widened his financial advantage over challengers in the upcoming mayoral election, reporting more than $1.1 million in contributions to his political organization in the latest state campaign finance report.”

IL:  BREAKING RECORDS.  Herald Review.  “The heated race for Illinois governor is shattering state records for campaign fundraising and spending, fueled by a deep-pocketed GOP candidate and intense national interest in what’s expected to be one of the closest contests in the country.”

LA:  COMPLAINTS FILED.  KTBS.  “Ethics Complaints for excessive contributions to mayoral candidates Ollie Tyler and Patrick Williams were put in the mail in Shreveport Wednesday, and sent to the Ethics Administration in Baton Rouge, sources tell KTBS.”

MA:  REFORM DEAD.  “Close to home, officials in Somerville sought to pass a law limiting campaign donations for those looking to build in or do business with the city.”

MN:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE DASHBOARD.  “MinnPost is tracking fundraising totals for candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House in 2014.”


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