Political law links

ATTACKING BIG MONEY.  Roll Call.  “Sullivan is one of more than half a dozen Republican congressional candidates who have made assaults on big money in politics an important campaign theme. Until now, the issue was almost exclusively a Democratic talking point.”

GIFTS RULES AND STATE AGS. NYT. “Attorneys general are now the object of aggressive pursuit by lobbyists and lawyers who use campaign contributions, personal appeals at lavish corporate-sponsored conferences and other means to push them to drop investigations, change policies, negotiate favorable settlements or pressure federal regulators, an investigation by The New York Times has found.”

CA: IN-KINDS ALLEGED. Fresno Bee. “Democrats are asking the state’s political watchdog agency to investigate the California Republican Party for allegedly violating campaign finance laws in support of GOP candidate Andy Vidak, who is seeking reelection in the 14th state Senate District.”

CA:  MORE SCRUTINY.  SMDP.  “Mayor Pam O’Connor returned a slew of $325 contributions from developers to whom she’d previously conferred a benefit but, according to the most recent campaign disclosure statements, she accepted more from owners of a different development company she’d voted to help.”

HI:  MAINLAND SUPER PACS.  Star Advertiser.  “Mainland super PACs tied to the Republican Governors Association and the Demo­cratic Governors Association will rival the top two candidates for governor in spending on Hawaii, bankrolling negative advertisements so the candidates are free to concentrate on more positive themes.”

KS:  RULES GAP.  HuffPo.  “With just three weeks left before the upcoming midterm elections, a group called ‘Kansans for Justice’ surfaced with the aim of persuading voters to oust two of their state Supreme Court justices.”

MT:  MAILER APOLOGY.  ABC.  “The presidents of Stanford University and Dartmouth College are sending 100,000 letters to Montana residents disavowing election mailers that state officials called deceitful and worried will influence the state’s two Supreme Court elections.”

RI:  CASINO REPORTS EXTENSION.  WT.  ” State elections officials are giving supporters and opponents of more table games at Newport Grand to correct their campaign finance reports.”

WA:  SHELDON ALLEGATIONS.  TDN.com.  “Supporters of a conservative Democratic state senator who crossed the aisle to help form a mostly Republican majority in that chamber are alleging campaign finance violations against him in his re-election bid against another Democrat.”

WV: USE OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS. AGweb.com. “A West Virginia lawmaker says buying a steer is a good use of campaign funds.”


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