Fri. pol. law links

PARTY PROVISION ALERT. The alert covers three significant campaign finance changes contained in this year’s omnibus budget bill.

TEA PARTY REVOLT. Politico. “Tea party activists are attacking a campaign finance rider in the $1.1 trillion spending bill that they view as a sneaky power grab by establishment Republicans designed to undermine outside conservative groups.”

WHAT WALL STREET SPENT. “Financial services companies have spent $1.2 billion on campaign contributions and lobbying Congress in the most recent election cycle, according to a new report.”

READY FOR COMPLAINT. Free Beacon. “An anti-Hillary Clinton PAC filed a lawsuit on Thursday to compel the Federal Election Commission to determine whether the pro-Clinton Super PAC Ready for Hillary is violating campaign finance laws.”

AZ: FULL REBOOT. “Senior U.S. District Court Judge James Teilborg certainly got everyone’s attention when he finalized his decision that Arizona’s definition of ‘political committee’ was unconstitutionally vague last week.”

MA: WELD REGISTERS. “So some eyebrows were raised when it was reported that Weld, who works in government relations for the Boston Law firm Mintz Levin, just registered as a lobbyist – the first governor in state history to do so.”

MT: PLANNED PARENTHOOD ISSUES. “State law requires that candidates receive notice of attacks launched during the election cycle’s last 10 days so they can respond.”


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