5-5 pol. law links

DOMAIN GAME.  The Hill.  “Michael Link, assistant director of digital strategy at the SEIU, told The Hill that he created the site, which has been shared by a number of prominent Democrats on Twitter. But he stressed that it was a personal project outside of the scope of his job with the SEIU.”

STATE CFR MOVES.   Bloomberg.  “While Republicans in Congress continue to smother proposals for campaign finance transparency, statehouse Republicans from Maine to Montana are moving in the opposite direction.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE DISCUSSION.  Diane Rehm Show.  “The chair of the Federal Election Commission calls the agency ‘worse than dysfunctional’ and says it may not be able to curb 2016 election abuses. But Republicans don’t agree. A look at partisan paralysis at the FEC and what can be done about it.”

AZ:  PETTY LAWS.  AZC.  “The attempt to control ever-more picayune aspects of political campaigning while failing miserably at the task of controlling political spending should give our never-daunted reformers cause for pause. If only.”

VT:  REDUCING PENALTIES.  WCAX.  ”The Vermont Senate has voted to reduce the penalty for candidates who receive public money and violate the state’s campaign finance laws.”

UK:  ANOTHER WORLD.  NYT.  “Reflecting the strict spending limits as well as a parliamentary system in which the outcome of a national election is determined in 650 constituencies, much of the campaigning in Britain remains local, with candidates pounding the streets, knocking on doors, issuing leaflets and sending mail.”


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