5-27 (remember those?) political law links

CAMPAIGN FINANCE BASICS.  VOA News.  “Money, lots of it, is what it takes to win the presidency of the United States.”

LANGDON PROFILE.  Politico.    “[David] Langdon is a critical behind-the-scenes player among the small army of lawyers working to keep secret the origins of millions of dollars coursing through the American political system.”

AZ:  TEXTING CONNECTIONS.  AZCentral.  “Debates over solar energy — and a flood of money from non-profit groups into the campaigns for those who sought to regulate utilities — marked the 2014 Arizona Corporation Commission election.”

AZ:  DARK MONEY NEEDED.  AZCentral.  “If Arpaio is to be defeated, the business community probably has to conclude that he’s enough of a damaging menace to warrant funding an independent campaign in that range.”

HI:  YAMADA SUMMARY.  NLR.  “While restrictions on independent political spending continue to fare poorly in post-Citizens United legal challenges, courts have been much more reluctant to strike down restrictions on government contractors giving to candidates and political committees.”

OR:  WARNINGS PREFERRED.  OR Live.  “The Oregon Government Ethics Commission has negotiated reduced penalties for every case it’s handled involving a public official since 2008, an analysis of records shows.”

PA:  STINK BOMB NEWS.  Newsworks.org.  “Behold, a principle is established: There will be no anonymous stink bombs in Philadelphia elections.”

ISR:  PRISON SENTENCE.  Triblive.  “Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced Monday to eight months in prison and a $25,000 fine for illegally accepting campaign contributions from an American supporter.”


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