Mon. political law links, 6-1

DONOR MATCH.  NYT.  “The pressing topic: Who will step up to be the Democrats’ megadonors in the 2016 presidential race?”

SEC MOVES.  NYP.  “When the Securities and Exchange Commission announced last year plans to unleash ‘all available enforcement tools’ to protect public pension funds from ‘corrupting influences,’ it was a shot across the bow of the fund industry.”

NO COORDINATION.  CBS.  “Jeb Bush said he is not violating the law by raising money for his super PAC ahead of a possible presidential campaign and said there will be ‘no coordination at all’ with the outside group if he runs for president in 2016.”

ATTACKING TECH.  SFGate.  “Google and Facebook depend on users sharing their personal information. But when it comes to corporate transparency, those companies and other leading tech firms prefer to protect their privacy.”

NM:  VIOLATIONS UNCLEAR.  KOB.  “Just a few months after announcing a task force to overhaul campaign finance practices in New Mexico, state officials are still not clear on how many violations are being investigated.”

TX:  ETHICS LATEST.  TX Trib.  “With no collective will to expose dark money contributions in Texas, a major ethics overhaul was snuffed out in the waning hours of the 2015 legislative session.”

TAIWAN:  LATE REPORTS.  TT.  “Political parties and groups are required by law to submit audited financial statements on political donations from the previous year to the Control Yuan by today, but many smaller parties might be fined because their statements have not been audited, triggering complaints from the small parties.”


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