News and links on political law topics

CHRISTIE DISPUTES.  Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday vehemently disputed a new report that said he is helping to coordinate a new super PAC to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.”

ADELSON SUPER PAC NEWS.  Fortune.  “Citing two people familiar with the discussions, the Wall Street Journal reports that Adelson is in talks to form a pro-Trump super PAC.”

SUPER PAC WAIT.   ABC.  “A super PAC’s decision to hire a former Donald Trump campaign operative comes with a caveat: He can’t immediately do all that much, in a period when there is so much to be done.”

SUPER PACS GEAR UP.  WP.  “At least one super PAC that was left hanging after the end of the presidential bid of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will now focus on helping Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who secured the Libertarian Party’s nomination this past weekend.”

BUSINESS AND CANDIDACY.  Politico.  “Most federal offices, in the executive, legislative and judicial branches, have conflict-of-interest rules and laws that regulate and limit severely any actions taken in an official capacity or under the cover of an official position that are designed to deliver, or which result in, financial gain or promotion of private business activities (one exception is the Supreme Court, where behavior is self-regulated).”

NEW SUPER PAC.  Politico.  “The super PAC, Californians for Fiscal Responsibility, has shelled out at least $544,000 since it was formed two weeks ago, supporting one Republican Senate candidate, Duf Sundheim, and attacking another, Tom Del Beccaro.”

MAYBE AN ISSUE.  ABC.  “Rep. Elijah Cummings said today that his daughter, a recent college graduate, had been using his Honda with Congressional license plates to work as a driver for ride-sharing company Lyft.”

MA:  PREEMPTION OFFERS RELIEF.  NLR.  “A recent settlement between the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) and Massachusetts Republican Party may highlight an emerging trend: state parties using federal preemption to avoid strict state campaign finance laws.”

MI:  TWEET INVESTIGATED.  C AND G NEWS.  “The Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections has determined that Township Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste violated the Michigan Campaign Finance Act by advertising her campaign website on the township’s official Twitter page.”

NJ:  MAYOR LAUNCHES SUPER PAC.  BCT.  “And while the upcoming governor’s race was not spoken of directly Wednesday, the new group will be permitted to raise and spend money to support political candidates and causes. It could also help raise [Mayor Randy] Brown’s statewide profile in what is rapidly becoming a crowded field of possible candidates for governor next year.”

SC:  ETHICS MOVES.  GO.  “A House-Senate panel on Tuesday ironed out their differences on one bill that would give an independent state ethics commission the power, for the first time, to investigate ethics complaints against lawmakers and determine whether a possible violation occurred.”

TX:  RULES TIGHTENED.  AAS.  “The Texas Ethics Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved a new rule aimed at restricting when lobbyists can pay for state lawmakers and officials to go on so-called fact-finding trips that critics say sometimes amount to little more than lavish junkets to exotic destinations.”


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